New “Side Blog”

I have added a new feature to my theme, namely a “side blog” (also called “asides”). You can see it in the right sidebar, under “News and Notes.” This is a place for brief comments about something that I have seen on the web, along with a link. These side blog posts will apear only in the side blog so that they won’t clutter up the main page.

For any interested WordPress users, to create this side blog I used the sideblog plugin by Kates Gasis, with a few modifications of my own to make it work the way I wanted to.

3 Responses to New “Side Blog”

  • Elaine says:

    You know, I still don’t see it…

  • PK says:

    It’s in the right side bar, right under the “Search” section. The title is “News and Notes.”

  • Elaine says:

    Aha! You know… I just read it wrong. I was looking underneath the section “News and Notes” and couldn’t figure out why there wasn’t a second section with links. I guess I should have thought that it was the News and Notes section.

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