Today I learned about an interesting book called “The Dangerous Book for Boys.” The authors contend that the lives of boys today are too well programmed and too “safe.” An article in today’s newspaper describes the book:

But the truth is, many boys today frequently have little opportunity to do anything that isn’t scheduled or carefully orchestrated. About the closest they come to danger is losing a life on a video game or forgetting a homework assignment.

There is a sense in some quarters that we are not raising well-rounded boys with a sense of adventure and all manner of intriguing skills, and they know it. They hunger for something beyond Pokemon Pearl. And that’s why “The Dangerous Book for Boys,” a quirky compilation of seemingly random bits of information and lore, strikes such a chord. The British version of the book, by brothers Conn and Hal Iggulden, was a runaway best seller, spawning a quick succession of copycats.

It’s possible that boys need to experience a certain amount of danger and adventure in order to grow into confident, mature men. Does our over-protective society deprive them of that opportunity? What do you think?

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