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Why we fail to make Disciples

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Last time I challenged you to think about your discipleship program and asked if people are becoming more like Jesus. The problem is that much of what is called “discipleship” in our time does not produce that result.

When… Continue reading

Self-Centered vs. God-Centered Life

The following blog post is taken from the prayer letter of a friend of mine, who is serving as a missionary in South Asia. I appreciate the way that she draws life lessons from the experience of Israel, and that she applies it first to herself. I thought it was… Continue reading

Manna from Heaven

Last month, I started serving  in a new position at the Portland Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. This brings to an end a transition period that has lasted a year and a half. Now that things are beginning to settle down, I want to share my reflections about… Continue reading

Attending Church

The past few months I have been traveling a bit.  First, I went to Montana to visit my family there.  Now I am living in the Portland area to make it easier to look for work here.  Since I have been on the move, I have attended… Continue reading

Finding Joy in God’s Design

The past few days, Joni and I have been staying with her sister in Washington State.  One of our daily activities has been exercising her retriever, Molly.  She has a ball thrower that makes it easy to pick up and throw a tennis ball, without the need to… Continue reading

New Site for Reflections

This week I completed the changes to integrate my blog into my new web site at  Going forward, this site will be the primary online home for my ministry activities and resources.  Take a few minutes to explore the menu options at the top of the… Continue reading

Problems with Website

For some reason, WordPress “pages” are not working right now.  So everything under “Resources” at the left is not working.  I will get it working when I can.

In the meantime, if you want to contact me you can go to my other website at

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Two Keys to Finding God’s Direction

I am in a season of life right now in which I am seeking God’s direction for my future ministry.  So I have been thinking and praying a lot about God’s guidance.  There are two key questions that you can ask to help find direction, namely “Who are… Continue reading

Blending Leadership Styles

Fast Company has an insightful article on 6 Leadership Styles, and When You Should Use Them.  Effective leaders need to be able to operate in different leadership styles, depending on the situation.  The article concludes:

Bottom line? If you take two cups of authoritative leadership, one cup… Continue reading

Finding God’s Calling

As I seek God’s direction for my future ministry I have been reflecting on something that I have often taught in the past, namely how to find God’s calling.  In order to discover God’s calling it is helpful to distinguish a number of different aspects of calling.

The Call… Continue reading

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