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Seaside Impressions

We have settled down in Seaside, OR (map).  A few days ago I put Oregon plates on my car, which somehow felt very symbolic.  Now we are Oregon residents.  So I thought this would be a good time to records my impressions of this small… Continue reading

Artifacts of a Ministry

Last Sunday afternoon I spent some time cleaning out my office at church.  The most time consuming part of that was going though my files to decide what to keep, what to toss and what to pass on to the next pastor.  Sorting through the files brought back… Continue reading

The Search for Small Group Bible Study Material

Where do you turn for good material for small group Bible studies?  I confess that I have often been frustrated when looking for good Bible study material.  Many studies are organized by topic and often take verses out of context, with the result that the main point is… Continue reading

A Year of Transition

This year is a time of major transition for myself and my family.  After 17 years serving as the English Pastor at CFC I am going to be moving on to a new ministry.  My wife Joni has been teaching high school science for 9 years and is… Continue reading

News Blackout

Over Christmas I spend a week in Oregon vising family.  As usual when I am on vacation, I did not listen to, watch or read the news in any form.  I was out of touch with the world.  The amazing thing is that the world got along… Continue reading

Pray for Christians in Egypt

The plight of Christians in Egypt has received scant attention in the press during the recent turmoil there.  The Christian faith has been represented in Egypt since the first century, and currently about 10% of the population there is Christian.  A church was firebombed last Christmas, and the… Continue reading

The Joy of an Empty Calendar

I have spent the past week visiting my parents in Montana.  Before I return home later today I wanted to share a few thoughts about my experience this week.

I use Google calendar, which syncs with my Android phone.  Normally I check my calendar every day to see… Continue reading

Preparing for Lent

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent.  Rather than writing another article on this topic, I will point you to an  article that I wrote in 2007.  This article has been one of the most popular ones on my blog, with many readers… Continue reading

The End of Private Insurance?

I have been following the health care reform debate, and there is an important point that is not being discussed.  According to the reports, the proposed health care legislation requires insurance companies to take anyone, without considering pre-existing conditions, and it forbids them from charging people with health problems… Continue reading

What Would Jesus Wear?

If Jesus came to your church next Sunday, what would He wear?  What would He wear if He was your pastor?  (Take a minute and answer this question before reading on.) Recently the English Ministry core leaders at my church have been discussing possible changes to our Sunday… Continue reading

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