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Brief comments about interesting things that I have found on the web.

Children Sing Praise of Obama

School children in a New Jersey school were taught to sing a song praising Barack Obama. One section of the song quotes part of the song “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” substituting Obama’s name for Jesus.  Does anyone else find this creepy?

Unchurched Spirituality

A new study reported by the American Sociological Association found that over a 15 year period the number of Americans who claimed that they had “no religion” doubled, while the number who believed in God remained the same at 93%.  Our challenge is to reach this growing group of… Continue reading

Free Audiobook: Foxes Book of Martyrs offers a free audio book each month. This month you can get Foxes Book of Martyrs, which tells the stories of Christians who have given their lives up for the faith, beginning with Stephen.

Pornography Defender in the Justice Department

David Ogden, President Obama’s nominee for Deputy Attorney General of the United States, is a stalwart defender of pornography.  As Albert Mohler puts it, “The pornography business will have a friend in high office in the Department of Justice.”  Given the destructive power of pornography, this is… Continue reading

Emotional Intelligence Test

I found an interesting Emotional Intelligence Test available for free on line.  In addition to the usual questions about yourself, this test asks you to look at several photos and answer questions about the emotions of the people in the picture.  I scored higher than I thought I… Continue reading

eHarmony lawsuit

In the news today, eHarmony has been sued to force them to provide services to gay and lesbians seeking partners.  Isn’t eHarmony a private company?  Why can’t they decide to provide services for whichever groups they want?  The gay agenda is being advanced lawsuit by lawsuit.

How to Make Accurate Time Estimates

Steve Pavlina write on How to Make Accurate Time Estimates. This practical article offers great advice on coming up with more accurate estimates of the amount of time to allocate for tasks in your personal or professional life.

Should I play Grand Theft Auto?

In The Scriptorium Daily, John Mark Reynolds writes on Should I play Grand Theft Auto? [this article seems to no longer be available]. His thoughtful discussion goes beyond the simplistic pro and con answers often given about violent computer games. This discussion should be required reading for all gamers. The… Continue reading

Padded Lampposts to Prevent Cell Phone Texting Injuries

This is rather bizarre: Padded Lampposts Tested in London to Prevent Cell Phone Texting Injuries. Do people really have to connect electronically all the time?

Seminary Scholarship Funds for Asian Ministry

In his L2 Foundation Blog, D.J. Chuang has a good list of seminary scholarship funds for Asians or those working in Asian churches. If you fit that description and are considering going to seminary, you should check out his list.

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