Posts related to the use of technology in ministry. For my more technical posts see my TechSpeak site (there is a link in the left sidebar).

Bluehost goes Unlimited!

My web site has now been hosted with Bluehost for over 3 years and I am very happy with them. They have a very good record on reliability and 24/7 tech support, including phone support. Over the past three years they have expanded the storage and bandwidth limits several times,… Continue reading

New Organize Series Plugin

Since I am currently writing a series, I decided to try out the Organize Series plugin by Darren Ethier, who by the way is a fellow pastor-blogger. With this cool plugin, when you are on the single-page view of a post you will see a box listing all the articles… Continue reading

Collaborative Bible Study Materials

The ESV blog has an article on Collaborative Bible Study Materials:

The Internet makes large-scale collaboration possible, with Wikipedia as Exhibit A. Theopedia and others have tried to do something similar for theology and commentary.

But sometimes smaller-scale ideas can be just as productive, as in the area of personal or family Bible study.

This is something that I have been thinking about for quite some time. Continue reading

Web Trends for 2007, and what it means for ministry

The Christian Web Trends Blog has published Christian Web Trends 2007 Predictions. In the article they list five trends for 2007 that have implications for the church: Continue reading

Web site updates

I have made a number of small cosmetic changes to the site, and have also implemented a cool new plugin, Share This by Alex King. Now under each post you see a Share This icon, which will bring up a box containing links to a wide variety of social networking… Continue reading upgrades again

I really like my web host, which is Eleven months ago when I first signed up, they provided 4 GB storage and 100 GB for transfers. After a few months they upgraded all their accounts to 10 GB storage and 250 GB transfers. Automatically!

Today I received an… Continue reading

Category Feed icons

I have set up feeds for my blog categories, so that if you are interested in only one catagory you can subscribe to that. The links are connected to the orange square symbols like this that you see in the left sidebar after the category names.

New “Side Blog”

I have added a new feature to my theme, namely a “side blog” (also called “asides”). You can see it in the right sidebar, under “News and Notes.” This is a place for brief comments about something that I have seen on the web, along with a link. These side… Continue reading

Fixed problem in banner for IE

I finally found the problem with the title graphic in Internet Explorer.  Since the majoriy of my readers use IE 6, now you can see the “Reflections” title correctly instead of just the water graphic.

The title uses a .png graphic file with a transparent background.  Until IE… Continue reading

New Technology Blog

I have started a new technology blog called TechSpeak. It seems better to put the technology posts in a separate blog, so that this one does not have such a wide range of topics.

All future technology posts will be there. The posts from that blog will not be… Continue reading

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