Famous gossip magazineToday I went to get my hair cut, and as usual while I was waiting I looked in vain for something interesting to read. Usually I bring my own reading material, but unfortunately today I forgot. In the waiting area there was the customary assortment of popular magazines, including women’s magazines, celebrity gossip rags, sports magazines and auto magazines.

Do people actually read this stuff? I really have zero interest in learning which starlet has gone into rehab again, and while I enjoy watching sports occasionally I am not enough of a fan to enjoy the level of detail found in sports magazines. I am not really into cars, and the occasional travel magazine seems targeted on retired people with lots of money to spend. It would be a little embarrassing to be caught reading a woman’s magazine. The few times I have been desperate enough to pick one up it seemed to be mostly about (1) looking good, or (2) improving your relationships. So what is there left for me to read?

Are these the sort of magazines that most men and women enjoy reading? I felt like a bit of a misfit in there, since apparently none of the magazines for ordinary people was the least bit interesting to me. Once in a while I get lucky and can at least find a news magazine (usually at least 6 months old), but not today. I’m not asking for a theological journal, but can’t they at least get a computer magazine or two? Maybe a lot of businesses get a big discount on the same package deal of boring magazines. It would be interesting to visit different waiting rooms and make a record of the titles that they carry, but I have more important things to do.

I wonder if there are other people like me who are magazine misfits. What has been your experience?

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