Sharing a laugh with another pastorWith more than 25 years of experience serving in bilingual Chinese churches, I have a passion to help ethnic churches reach the next generation. While working on my D.Min. I did my dissertation on reaching the next generations in Chinese churches. In the process I wrote a series of articles titled 30 Days on the Chinese Church as well as other posts in on the topic Chinese Churches.

Along the way I discovered that many other ethnic immigrant churches face similar challenges in reaching their American-born children.  For example, see my blog post on English Ministry in the 19th Century, which describes the struggle of German speaking churches in the U.S. to reach their children.

I did a public presentation of a summary of his dissertation research.  Here are the recordings of the presentation:

Part 1

Reaching the Next Generation in Bilingual Chinese Churches, Part I on Vimeo.

Part 2

Reaching the Next Generation in Bilingual Chinese Churches, Part 2 on Vimeo.

You can also listen to the audio recording and see the slides

My research has been published as an ebook titled Effective English Ministry and is available on

Here are two articles by Pastor Victor Lee of Toronto that I have found useful.  They are posted here with his permission: