A new movie coming out on December 7, “The Golden Compass,” is based on the first book of a three book trilogy entitled “His Dark Materials” by militant atheist Philip Pullman. Pullman wrote his trilogy to counteract the influence of C.S. Lewis and the “Chronicles of Narnia.” He left little doubt about his intentions when he said in a 2003 interview that “my books are about killing God.” He has even stated that he wants to “kill God in the minds of children.”

The Golden Compass director Chris Weitz plans on preserving the anti-Christian messages found in the second and third books, should they be made in to sequels:

“Whereas The Golden Compass had to be introduced to the public carefully, the religious themes in the second and third books can’t be minimized without destroying the spirit of these books. … I will not be involved with any ‘watering down’ of books two and three, since what I have been working towards the whole time in the first film is to be able to deliver on the second and third films.”

It looks like this December we get an anti-Christmas movie designed to turn children (and adults) away from faith in God. We would be foolish to let the seeming innocence of the movie deceive us when the author and director have both made their intentions very clear. As atheists become increasingly bold in their attacks on the Christian faith we must be “as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.”

(source: Plugged in on line Culture Clips for November 19, 2007)

Update: Albert Mohler has a good discussion of these books and the movie

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