Tonight I have made several significant changes to my web site:

  1. I have moved the site to a new location:
  2. I have upgraded to WordPress version 2.0.2
  3. I have changed the permalink structure.

I registered some time ago and I have been contemplating how I will use it. I decided to put my Reflections blog in a subdomain so that it would be easier to use the domain for additional purposes in the future if I want to. After a time of transition I will use for more personal items.

What this means for my readers is that from now on you will need to go to instead of The links to all of my posts will have changed to a more user friendly url format, which unfortunately means that any old bookmarks will no longer be valid.

I will try to set up some .htaccess redirects for a few of the most popular posts as well as some instructions about how to find things on the new site. I hope that it will not be too great an inconvenience.

For those of you reading this on my Xanga crosspost, this means that all the earlier links from my Xanga to my main site will no longer be valid. You will need to come to the new site and then find the post you are looking for. Sorry!

Update: The site was off line last night due to an error I created setting up url redirection.

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