It was fifty years ago that Jim Elliott, Nate Saint and three other missionaries were murdered by the South American tribe to which they had gone to share the gospel. In “End of the Spear,” a new movie coming to theaters January 20, viewers will learn about that story and how God ultimately used that tragic event to lead the people of the tribe to Christ. If you’d like to learn more about the movie and opportunities for group ticket purchases, visit the website:

Jim ElliottThe story of Jim Elliott and his companions is an amazing story about the spread of the Gospel to a violent South American tribe. Jim and his companions were murdered by the Auca tribe, but his wife Elizabeth chose to return to try to share the Gospel with those who had murdered her husband.

I hope that they do a good job with the story, and that God can really use this movie to remind us all what really matters in the end. It opens January 20. On the movie web site you can search for a local theater.

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