Today I saw a very interesting editorial from the LA Times: Five questions non-Muslims would like answered. Two of the questions are “Why are you so quiet?” and “Why are so many atrocities committed and threatened by Muslims in the name of Islam?”

These are some very good questions. Time and time again we are told that the majority of Muslims are peace loving people, and I really want to believe that that is true. Perhaps it is. But where are the massive protests by peace loving Muslims who object to their religion being hijacked by terrorists?

If there was a Christian group that preached that we should become suicide bombers to destroy “infidels” we would label it a “cult.” Churches across the country would preach messages against this aberration of the Christian faith. So where is the voice of the “moderate Muslims?”

As the editorial writer says, “We await your response.”

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  1. While I’m not Muslim, one guess as to why there is not more visible and vocal protests against the extremists, is this: I’ve observed that peace loving people are not typically vocal about their outrage and concerns. It is more characteristic for peace loving people to be quiet and to be about their own business.

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