Fixed problem in banner for IE

I finally found the problem with the title graphic in Internet Explorer.  Since the majoriy of my readers use IE 6, now you can see the “Reflections” title correctly instead of just the water graphic.

The title uses a .png graphic file with a transparent background.  Until IE 7 is released, you need a workaround to get it to display properly. If you are interested, this is where I got the script to correct the problem.

5 Responses to Fixed problem in banner for IE

  • Jim says:

    IE – the bane of web browsing.

  • Jim says:

    BTW – your RSS feed isn’t working properly. I’ve tried to add it to my reader, but FeedBurner apparently doesn’t like something about it.

  • PK says:

    Jim: Thanks for bringing the problem to my attention. When I moved my blog to a new domain, I forgot to update my site settings on Feedburner.

    It should work fine now. Please let me know if you experience any further problems.

  • Jake says:

    I really hat to leave a comment like this, since it is unrelated, but I couldn’t find any other contact for you. I noticed you had posted a comment at the site for dmry menu plugin for wordpress.

    Your fix sounded like a pretty good solution, I was wondering if there is anyway I could get a copy of the code you ended up creating to make the menu work better. I really apoligize again for contacting you in this manner. please feel free to delete this. I really feel bad, but any help would much appreciated.

    Thank You.

  • PK says:

    Hi Jake,

    No problem. I should probably put in a contact email somewhere.

    Anyway, here is a link to my modified version of the script. I have submitted my changes to the plugin author for inclusion in the next version.

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