It only happens once every four years, so I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Leap Day. In the fall when Daylight Savings Time ends we often hear talk about what people are going to do with their “extra hour,” but I haven’t heard any discussion about what to do with the extra day. Think about it.. an entire extra day! What will you do with it?

LeapThe problem is that for most people, today will be an ordinary Friday spent at work or school. Those who are salaried employees work an extra day without getting any more pay–at least hourly employees get paid for the extra work. The problem is that “leap day” has not been properly recognized as a national holiday. If we can celebrate Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays on a Monday each year so that we have a three day weekend, why can’t we do that for Leap Day?

A more radical suggestion would be to make Leap Day a truly extra day by taking it outside the normal Sunday to Saturday weekly progression. After all, when we end DST, we get one day which has 25 hours (never mind what happens in the spring). What about an 8 day week once every four years? I would propose inserting Leap Day between Saturday and Sunday for a unique kind of 3 day weekend.

What are your thoughts on Leap Day? Are you planning on doing anything special?

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