Hello from Montana

I am on vacation with my family in Montana, and I had a chance to use my Dad’s computer for a little while. So I will write something so all three of my readers will have something to read while I am gone.

We are having a nice relaxing time here with family. Right now Joni and Daniel are out in one of the gardens helping to pick some beans. Later today we plan to go to Swan Lake to pick some huckleberries and go swimming. Last week we had a reunion with my 3 brothers and my sister and their families. I was great to see everybody again. We stayed for 4 nights in a room right on MacDonald Lake in Glacier National Park. The view out of the picture window was amazing. Maybe I’ll post some pictures next week after I get home.

Now I am staying with my sister and my parents nearby. The last two nights we had dinner all together in the shade of trees in their yard. I have to explain what I mean by “yard”… they have about 2 acres of “yard,” so you should think it of it as a small park. There are three different gardens, about 25 trees, and lots of grass. Two nights ago while we were eating dinner we saw a bald eagle circle over us, quite close to us. It was the best view of a bald eagle that I have ever seen outside of a zoo. It was really cool. Then last night there were two deer out in the field near the woods. They were quite a ways away, but still on my parents’ property (they have 27 acres). I’m waiting to see what shows up during dinner tonight. It is truly an amazing place to live. Maybe I won’t come back… 😉

4 Responses to Hello from Montana

  • Angela Yu says:

    oh wow, that place sounds amazing. i’m glad you get to spend this vacation with family. much deserved, too. but i do hope you guys come back! 😀

  • PK says:

    Thanks Angela!

  • markh says:

    Wow, sounds great… thanks for the update!! I wish you could bring a couple of acres back with you.

  • Alan Lin says:

    It’s great to hear that your visit with your parents has been so relaxing. We miss you back here in Berkeley :(. I read your website pretty frequently and I’ll be sure to comment more. See you in a week

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