More Vacation Pics

I am ready to show you some more pictures from my vacation. First is a picture of me with my 4 siblings (in birth order, R to L):

This picture is taken at Logan Pass, which is on the Continental Divide in Glacier National Park. We took a hike up there in the Highline Trail, which is my favorite trail in the whole world. Here is a view from the trail:

What a great view to make your hike more interesting! Somehow the fact that you have to hike a ways to see this view makes it all the more special. When you are hiking up there you really feel that you are on top of the world!

The local paparazzi were there as well:

Back in camp, you could see my newest nephew, Nathanael Arthur Carlson:

He was the coolest baby in the camp, but I’m not sure he realized it because he was asleep!

I now have most of my vacation pics loaded to my gallery. If you are really bored and have nothing else to do, you can see them here.

Update: Apparently the photo links in this article are no longer functional.

3 Responses to More Vacation Pics

  • emeraldstar says:

    cool pictures. 🙂

    The gallery is also interesting. It’s hosted on your own site it looks like. Where did you get it from? Do you like it? I’ve been looking around for a good gallery-type thing. I’ve been considering this one, but I haven’t decided yet.

  • Angela Yu says:

    hahaha! 😀 the paparazzi picture is so funny and cute! if i were there i’d be one of them too i’m sure. 😉 and the baby is so adorable.

  • PK says:

    The gallery is called Coppermine. There is a link to the home page at the bottom of the gallery.

    Coppermine is one of the three photo galleries available for easy install on my web host. I decided to go with this rather than a photo service because I wanted to share photos with my family, and many of the photo services do not allow you to download the original high resolution pictures.

    Of course to use Coppermine you need your own web server and enough space to store all the pictures.

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