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This week I completed the changes to integrate my blog into my new web site at  Going forward, this site will be the primary online home for my ministry activities and resources.  Take a few minutes to explore the menu options at the top of the page to learn about some of the ways I am available to serve you and your church.  The most recent blog posts are listed on the home page.  You can use the Topics list in the sidebar or the Popular Posts list in the footer to explore some of my older posts. (Since this is a new site, it will take a while for the Popular Posts list to begin to show up.)

I would like to explain how this site fits into my plan to use other social media.  Here is the breakdown:

  1. My Facebook ministry page will my ministry home on Facebook.  Each time I publish a new blog post, I will post a notice there.  I will also post occasional short thoughts about ministry and links to web sites that you might find interesting.  I won’t post those things on my blog, so I encourage you to Like my ministry page or Follow me on Twitter to receive them.  Purely personal updates such as vacation photos will continue to go to my Facebook profile, so personal friends and family can friend me there.
  2. My Twitter feed will include everything I post to my Facebook ministry page, plus additional thoughts or web links.  If you use Twitter, you can Follow me there.
  3. My LinkedIn account is like an online resume, so it includes my education and work history.  At this time I do not plan to post notices of blog posts or web links there.  As I understand it, the purpose of LinkedIn is to help professionals in the same field to network with each other, so I will accept connections mainly from those in full-time ministry or active lay leaders.  If you are a personal friend and want to friend me, I suggest you use Facebook.

Finally, I want to say something about the design of this site.  You may notice that the font size on this page is a little larger than that on many web pages.  Research has shown that the ideal line length for comfortable online reading somewhere between 45 and 75 characters per line, depending on who you talk to.  A line length of 66 characters, including spaces, is widely recognized as ideal. Long lines are more difficult to read.  Can you imagine trying to read a newspaper with lines stretching the entire width of the page?

This post has about 79 characters per line, so I am pushing the upper edge of readability. Some sites might be able to get away with slightly longer lines, but many sites have over 100 characters per line!  If your eyes are good, you can read smaller fonts and work through longer lines, but not everyone has 20/20 vision.  Besides, I want my site to be easy to follow and enjoyable to read.  Why make your readers work harder than they have to?  If you are interested in this topic, here is an article on Readability.

I hope that you find this new site to be helpful.  I welcome your feedback and suggestions about the design of this site or my use of social media.


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