Korean relief teamThe world isn’t paying much attention, but the terrorists in Afghanistan have killed a second Korean hostage. The brief articles that do make it into the newspapers usually don’t mention that this is a Christian group, send to do relief work in Afghanistan. For a summary of information about the situation see this article by D.J. Chuang. For more detailed information updated on a daily basis, see Eugene Cho’s web site. Much of his information is translated from Korean news sources. He says that there are

23 Korean hostages of which 20 are members of Saemmul Presbyterian Church in Pundang, Korea [on the southern outskirts of Seoul, Korea. Saemmul Church is a 9 year old churchplant that has grown to nearly 4,000 people.

Cho’s web site provides a wealth of information about the hostages, their background, and their situation. Please keep them in your prayers.

Update: This article in today’s paper does mention that the hostages are a “Christian church group.”

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