This week in California the state will begin approving same sex marriages. Since I am speaking on this topic this weekend at my church, I wanted to provide a list of resources for Christians who are interested in learning more about this topic.

Here are three books that I have found to be very helpful. All three of these books are both solidly biblical and compassionate toward homosexuals. The first one, by Thomas Schmidt, is the best book that I have found that discusses homosexuality from a Christian perspective. His research is very thorough, and includes a detailed discussion of key Bible passages as well as many references to scholarly studies related to the topic. Joe Dallas, the author of The Gay Gospel was a pastor in a conservative church before he became an active homosexual. He shares his story and evaluates the arguments put forward by pro-gay Christians. Alan Chambers is another ex-gay who shares insights into the homosexual world and suggestions as to how to reach them with the Gospel.

Straight & Narrow?: Compassion & Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate by Thomas E. Schmidt
The Gay Gospel?: How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible by Joe Dallas
God’s Grace and the Homosexual Next Door: Reaching the Heart of the Gay Men and Women in Your World by Alan Chambers

There are also some helpful articles on line. The links below include references to research studies on the effects that the presence or absence of both a mother and father make to children. (Articles no longer available online)

Why Marriage Matters for Children
Same Sex Marriage and Civil Unions
Biblical Sexual Morality

The Zacchaeus Fellowship has a list of books that provide help to those who struggle with same sex attraction or wish to leave the homosexual lifestyle. The site also includes testimonies from former homosexuals who have been transformed by Christ.

Finally, there are many additional resources as well as help for those who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle on the site of Exodus International.

Update: You can listen to the audio of the sermon I did on this topic.

Update 2: See also this arcticle on how Gay Couples Try to Appear Mainstream.

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