I am back from two very busy weeks. The week before last I was up in Portland to take the next class in my D. Min. program. The teacher was Bill Hull, the author of a number of books on Discipleship. Some of my posts on meditation were written from there.

Last week I went down to So. Cal. to speak at a retreat of the First Chinese Baptist Church of Fountain Valley. The youth pastor there is Tony Lin, who was at CFC in the mid 1990’s and was the coordinator of the youth group for a while.

I gave 5 messages on Spiritual Leadership and did 2 workshops as well, so I was pretty much worn out when I arrived home on Saturday evening. But it was a great experience.. good to see Tony again (and Ted as well) and to see God at work at the retreat.

The retreat was held at the Murrieta Hot Springs Conference Center run by Calvary Chapel. It used to be a resort, so it is pretty nice. The big thing to do after the evening program is to go sit and relax in the sulpher hot springs on the property. Very relaxing!

In writing this message I am also trying something new. At first I thought I would use this blog to share only my theological reflections and some articles that I want to write. But I felt that it might be good to write more about my personal life as well. In the past few weeks when I have experienced something or had some new ideas I have thought “I could blog about that.” This is a new experience for me. But I am much more likely to write if I get some feedback, because it is easeir to write if you know that someone is listening.

I even could have/should have shared about the retreat BEFORE it happened and asked for your prayer. (i.e. for the few ppl who read this!)

So.. today I am contemplating my message for this Sunday. I am between series and Kiki is preaching the following week, so it is a good time for a misc. topical message. I appreciate your prayers this week as I prepare.

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  1. Hi PK! please keep posting; i read it and i’m sure other people do as well. i’ll be praying for you as you prepare your message for this sunday! just to let you know too, our socal trip was really awesome. praise God. =D

  2. *nods sagely* …Now you are a true blogger…

    lol, what’s annoying is when I sit down at my computer to blog, and can remember several times that day when I thought “I should blog that” but I can’t actually remember what triggered the thought.

    Your blog is on my list so I check it for updates several times a day (if you have a counter, I’m messing it up, sorry). I’m definitely looking forward to reading more. Reading day-to-day stuff is a cool way to get to know someone.

    I’m glad the retreat went well 🙂

  3. Wow, two replies already! I guess somebody reads this after all.

    If you use the RSS feed then you don’t need to keep checking back. That’s how I find out when you have posted to your blog.

    I use Sage along with Firefox. That gives me a plugin which instantly shows whether or not there are updates for the sites I track. To learn more about RSS you can look here. That site gives a good intro to RSS, but for a better list of free readers look here. I like a browser plugin, but you can also use a stand alone reader if you want.

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