An article in today’s SF Chronicle describes the plight of two students at the College of Alameda who were threatened with suspension for praying with a teacher who was ill in a faculty office. A U.S. District judge has refused the school’s efforts to have the case dismissed and said has ruled that the lawsuit filed by the students can go ahead.  The students are seeking affirmation of their rights and removal of all disciplinary actions, but no damages other than their court costs.  For more details, see this article.

I don’t have any information on this case apart from these news articles, but based on the information here this looks like an outrageous attempt to ban religion, especially Christianity, from the campus.  The teacher was sick and the two girls prayed for her, with her consent, in a faculty office.  Another faculty member walked into the shared office and insisted that they stop, which they did.  But then they were accused of “disruptive behavior” and disciplinary action was taken. Outrageous!  I’m glad that the two girls involved have legal representation and that the case is going forward.  Schools must learn that they cannot selectively discriminate against the first amendment rights of Christians.

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