Web site enhancements

I have made a few improvements to the site:

  • added a “Most Popular” post section in the right sidebar
  • put in new feed links for those who want to use RSS to subscribe
  • added a link to subscribe by email
  • installed a new Bible text tool tip plugin that shows the passage when you move the mouse over a Scripture reference such as John 3:16

The Bible text plugin uses the ESV (English Standard Version), which is a new more literal translation somewhat like the NASB. Read about their translation philosophy. Thanks for Chris Roberts, another Christian WordPress blogger, for a great plugin, and for his help in resolving a conflict with another plugin I was using.

Update: The Bible text plugin only works part of the time. I’m not sure why…

Those who read the cross-post on my Xanga will need to come to the main site to see these improvments. (The Bible text plugin won’t function on Xanga.)

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