Brittany McComb: Silenced At Graduation

Valedictorian Brittany McComb of Foothill High School in Henderson, NV delivered her original graduation speech — complete with two references to the Lord, nine mentions of God and one mention of Christ — instead of the politically-correct version approved by school administrators. . . But before she was half-way through, the school cut her microphone. Apparently freedom of speech doesn’t apply to Christians sharing about what matters most to them.

5 Responses to Brittany McComb: Silenced At Graduation

  • c. Andrews says:

    Ms. McComb’s microphone was cut because she did not read the speech she had agreed to read. If she changed the speech to shopping and getting her hair done, the microphone would have been cut as well. Ms. McComb deceived her school by lying to administrators about which version of the speech she would read. Lying is a sin.

  • PK says:

    A valid point. Normally I would agree with you that it would be wrong to agree to give one speech and then give a different one. But there is a larger issue here, which is the censorship imposed by the school administration, including the fact that their restrictions seem to unfairly single out the Christian faith. In light of these circumstances, her speech might be seen as a form of civil disobedience in protest of the violation of her right of free speech.

  • Christopher says:

    Andrew’s, you have no earthly idea about what went on in the days before the speech. The school unlawfully separated Brittany from her support network in order to intimidate her into dropping her sincere beliefs. They acted in manner I would expect out of authoritarians/tyrants, and they should be punished accordingly.

  • Cynthia says:


    No you don’t. You don’t get to promulgate the Chritian persecution complex based on lies.

    You stated, “The school unlawfully separated Brittany from her support network in order to intimidate her into dropping her sincere beliefs.”

    Where is the proof? Please provide a link to Brittany McComb ever saying that the school separated her from her support network and tried to intimidate her into dropping Christianity?

    No more whipping up of this fear based on half-truths and distortions. It’s not good for our nation.

  • PK says:

    I have no idea what Christopher meant by his comment or whether he has any evidence to back it up But the school did shut off the microphone because they did not respect her freedom of speech.

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