Ken is available to speak for retreats, conferences and workshops.

Here are some available retreat topics
Amazing Grace Amazing Grace: We know that we are saved by grace, but we often try to live the Christian life by our own efforts. What does it take to know and experience God’s grace in our hearts, not just our heads? How can we live our life each day on the basis of grace?
We Bow Down We Bow Down: We are dimly aware that worship is a lot more than just singing songs, but what really is the biblical meaning of worship? What is the essential prerequisite for true worship, and how can we experience a vibrant and transforming worship life?
Life Together Life Together: Most people long for a place to belong and experience community life, yet our church experience often falls short of our expectations. How can we become the loving, vibrant community that God has called us to be?
The Jesus Way The Jesus Way: What did Jesus really mean when He said “follow me”? How is it possible for us to be more and more like Jesus not only in our actions but even in our inner thoughts and feelings? (Hint: legalism doesn’t work.)
Here to Serve Body Life: God has uniquely prepared each one of us to serve Him as a part of the Body of Christ. How can we discover our spiritual gifts and learn to use them to serve as God intended?
God and Money God and Money: What does God have to say about money? How can we cultivate godly attitudes toward our possessions in the midst of a materialistic and self-centered world?



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