I have spent the past week visiting my parents in Montana.  Before I return home later today I wanted to share a few thoughts about my experience this week.

I use Google calendar, which syncs with my Android phone.  Normally I check my calendar every day to see what I have scheduled for the day.  Since my parents are retired they move at a much slower pace of life than I normally do.  It is refreshing to slow down and just not do as much as I usually do each day.  When I looked at my calendar this past week it was a joy to see day after day with nothing listed.

It’s not that I haven’t been doing nothing at all.  Each day we had to make important decisions about things like which day was best for a short hike in Glacier National Park, or which sibling would host our family dinner that night (two of my siblings live in this area).  I had time to do some recreational reading, and have been exploring Toodledo and an Android app that syncs with it called Got To Do.  Of course there has been a lot of time to catch up with family members.

In a few hours i will leave for the airport to return home.  I suppose I should be eager to return to a full schedule, but truthfully I wouldn’t mind a few more weeks of a blank calendar.  Sometime we don’t notice how stressed out and burned out we are becoming.  It is good to slow down once in a while to recharge.  Maybe I should start to take my days off more seriously.

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