Church 2.0?

My local paper has a series this week on “India 2.0,” which describes the transformation taking place in India due to the high tech boom there.  Many are saying that parts of India could be the next Silicon Valley.  But as I read the article my thoughts turned in a different direction, namely “How has the Internet affected the church?” Continue reading

Individualism and Communion Cup Sets

Sometimes a church receives unusual things in the mail. I have a whole collection of sample pens with the church name and address printed on them. Today I received a sample of individually packaged communion cup sets. The grape juice is sealed in a little cup, with a wafer of… Continue reading

The Particularity of the Gospel and Christian Community

I want to reflect further on some of the issues that came up in my post last week on diversity and community. God’s truth is absolute and universal, but we never receive it in a pure, abstract, culture-free form. The Gospel is always incarneted in a particular cultural context. Continue reading

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