What Would Jesus Wear?

If Jesus came to your church next Sunday, what would He wear?  What would He wear if He was your pastor?  (Take a minute and answer this question before reading on.) Recently the English Ministry core leaders at my church have been discussing possible changes to our Sunday… Continue reading

Expelled: The Movie

A new movie opens today with Ben Stein titled “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” This documentary explores the oppressive tactics used by the academic community to attempt to silence all discussion of Intelligent Design as an alternative to evolutionary theory. The movie reportedly includes interviews with some well know… Continue reading

Culture and Biblical Truth

This entry is part 21 of 25 in the series 30 Days on the Chinese Church

When a missionary goes to another culture with the Gospel, he or she must learn to distinguish between biblical truth, which has authority over every culture, and cultural practices, which should be changed to adapt the church to each culture. There have been many heated debates about which beliefs go into which category. Continue reading

The Jerusalem Council: Consensus Decision Making

This entry is part 16 of 25 in the series 30 Days on the Chinese Church

We often look to the church in Acts as an example of a vibrant, Spirit-filled, unified church. But when we look at it more closely we discover that they had many of the same problems that we do. The Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 provided perhaps the most detailed look at the decision making process of NT leaders. What can we learn from this example? Continue reading

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