Why we fail to make Disciples

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Last time I challenged you to think about your discipleship program and asked if people are becoming more like Jesus. The problem is that much of what is called “discipleship” in our time does not produce that result.

When… Continue reading

What is a Disciple?

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Discipleship is important. Nearly every church talks about it. Nearly every church claims to be doing it. In his final instructions to his followers in the Great Commission, Jesus commanded us to “make disciples.”

19 Go therefore and make… Continue reading

Artifacts of a Ministry

Last Sunday afternoon I spent some time cleaning out my office at church.  The most time consuming part of that was going though my files to decide what to keep, what to toss and what to pass on to the next pastor.  Sorting through the files brought back… Continue reading

How to Equip Spiritual Leaders

This entry is part 13 of 25 in the series 30 Days on the Chinese Church

Yesterday I wrote about the central importance of equipping spiritual leaders. Today I want to share a few thoughts about the process of preparing people for leadership in the church. Continue reading

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