What’s Wrong with our Gospel?

Marc Cortez, who teaches theology at Western Seminary in Portland, has written a series thought provoking of articles on What’s Wrong with our Gospel.  We often divorce the Gospel from its context in the biblical story of redemption and focus almost exclusively on our individual experience with God.… Continue reading

Review: Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult

I have finished re-reading Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult by Nick Pollard. I love the realistic title of this book, which says nothing about making evangelism “easy.” This is the best book that I have seen on reaching those who are more postmodern in their thinking. Pollard is an evangelist… Continue reading

The Particularity of the Gospel and Christian Community

I want to reflect further on some of the issues that came up in my post last week on diversity and community. God’s truth is absolute and universal, but we never receive it in a pure, abstract, culture-free form. The Gospel is always incarneted in a particular cultural context. Continue reading

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