Culture and Biblical Truth

This entry is part 21 of 25 in the series 30 Days on the Chinese Church

When a missionary goes to another culture with the Gospel, he or she must learn to distinguish between biblical truth, which has authority over every culture, and cultural practices, which should be changed to adapt the church to each culture. There have been many heated debates about which beliefs go into which category. Continue reading

Da Vinci Code Resources

There are more than a dozen books and many web sites by Christians answering the claims made by Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code. Some will question why anything in the book needs an answer, since the book is fiction. But from the start Dan Brown claims that… Continue reading

The Particularity of the Gospel and Christian Community

I want to reflect further on some of the issues that came up in my post last week on diversity and community. God’s truth is absolute and universal, but we never receive it in a pure, abstract, culture-free form. The Gospel is always incarneted in a particular cultural context. Continue reading

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