Blending Leadership Styles

Fast Company has an insightful article on 6 Leadership Styles, and When You Should Use Them.  Effective leaders need to be able to operate in different leadership styles, depending on the situation.  The article concludes:

Bottom line? If you take two cups of authoritative leadership, one cup… Continue reading

What’s Wrong with our Gospel?

Marc Cortez, who teaches theology at Western Seminary in Portland, has written a series thought provoking of articles on What’s Wrong with our Gospel.  We often divorce the Gospel from its context in the biblical story of redemption and focus almost exclusively on our individual experience with God.… Continue reading

What is the focus of emotions in worship?

Scott Aniol writes about Expression vs. Impression in worship (site no longer on line). While I do not agree with everything that he says about music in worship, his articles are always thoughtful. This one is especially helpful.

Some excerpts. . .

Music that is simply about emotion… Continue reading

Mixed feelings: Emotions in Worship

Scott Aniol has written a thoughtful article on Mixed feelings regarding the place of emotion in worship. Which sorts of emotions are appropriate in worship and which are not? He gives a good list of biblical examples of the expression of emotion in worship as well as a list of… Continue reading

Why do you worship?

I have wanted to write on worship for quite some time. This is not going to be a long article, but I just read something from Rick Warren that I wanted to share:

If you have ever said, “I didn’t get anything out of worship today,” you worshiped for the… Continue reading

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