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God’s Triumph

Today I finished by current Bible reading plan by reading the last few chapters of Revelation. Tomorrow I will begin again in Genesis. As I read about the final confrontation between Christ and the Antichrist, I was struck by how unequal the battle was. The biggest part of Revelation alternates… Continue reading

A Memorial for Jesus?

It’s March already, and we will celebrate Easter at the end of this month.  Just now two people came to my door and handed me a flier.  They said that they were inviting me to a “memorial service” for the death of Jesus.  A memorial service?  … Continue reading

A Study of Psalm 119

Recently I read through Psalm 119 in my daily Bible reading.  This is a really amazing chapter in the Bible.  It is the longest chapter in the Bible, and nearly every verse says something about God’s word.  If you want to learn something about the nature and… Continue reading

Inductive Bible Studies

Most churches have Bible studies in small group settings, but they are not all run in the same way.  Sometimes the Bible study resembles a Sunday School class, with a long lecture from the study leader and only limited interaction.  At the other extreme, some studies are conducted… Continue reading

On Reading the Bible

Last year I read through the Bible using the ESV translation.  Actually I only finished yesterday, because I fell behind while I was out of town over Christmas.  But the main thing is to be reading the Bible every day, or nearly every day.  If you… Continue reading

Was David Righteous?

One of the advantages of reading through the Bible on a regular basis is that you will encounter passages that you might not otherwise read.  In my reading today it was the juxtaposition of the OT and NT readings that raised some interesting questions.

The OT reading for today… Continue reading

The King’s Friend

In today’s reading in my church Bible reading program there is a curious phrase:  “Azariah the son of Nathan was over the officers; Zabud the son of Nathan was priest and king’s friend” (1 Ki 4:5, ESV).  There is nothing unusual about the king having friends, but… Continue reading

Those Confusing Kings

In my church Bible reading program we are currently in 2 Kings.  While reading this part of the Bible you may have noticed that it is pretty difficult to sort out the historical flow of kings. That is partly because the narrative keeps jumping between the kings of Judah… Continue reading

God’s Justice and Righteous Behavior

What does righteous behavior look like?  Ezekiel 18:5-18 emphasizes individual responsibility, and states that God will not reward a wicked son because he has a righteous father or punish the righteous son of a wicked father.  In this discussion, the passage lists righteous/wicked behavior in three lists that are very similar.  Here is the first one: Continue reading

God Rewards the Righteous

Is righteousness a gift that we receive by faith, or a way of living that God will reward?  It seems that the answer is a bit of each.

Continue reading

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