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English Ministry in the 19th Century

The challenge of establishing an effective English Ministry in Chinese churches is neither new nor unique.  I have frequently heard of similar issues faced by other ethnic churches, and I have suspected that these issues were present in the past as well.  I took a special interest in… Continue reading

ABC/OBC Age Distribution in the 2000 Census

I spent a little more time with the U.S. Census Data Ferret, and came up with an interesting comparison of the age distribution of ABCs and OBCs in 2000. I think that this helps to explain a particularly challenging leadership problem in U.S. Chinese churches in moving to the parallel stage and beyond.

Continue reading

ABC Age Structure and English Ministry

One question that I explored in working on my dissertation was the age structure of the ABC population. Since turning in my final draft, I have finally figured out how to use the U.S. Census Data Ferret to get the information that I wanted. The graph below shows the number of ABCs for each year of age in the 2000 census. (Click on the image for a larger view.) Continue reading

Presentation on Reaching the Next Generations

In April I did a 2 hour presentation of a summary of my dissertation research on Reaching the Next Generations in Bilingual Chinese Churches. The audio is finally ready to share with you here.

I have set up the presentation on so that the audio portion is synced to… Continue reading

Resources for Immigrant Asian Churches

DJ Chuang over at his L2 Foundation Blog has two interesting posts related to Asian churches. In Advantages of an immigrant Asian church he sums up an article by Daniel Eng about the benefits of being a part of a bilingual immigrant Asian church.

Then in growing autonomous churches via… Continue reading

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