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Happy Leap Day!

It only happens once every four years, so I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Leap Day. In the fall when Daylight Savings Time ends we often hear talk about what people are going to do with their “extra hour,” but I haven’t heard any discussion about what to do with the extra day. Think about it.. an entire extra day! What will you do with it?

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U.S. is still overwhelmingly Christian

An article in the LA Times reports on a Pew Forum study shows that the U.S. is still overwhelmingly Christian. According to the study, 78.4 Americans are Christians according to the broadest definition of the term, which includes Roman Catholics. Not everyone on that list would adhere to core… Continue reading

How does Culture Alter the Brain?

Is there a physiological component to cultural differences? Researchers at MIT used MRI scans to study the brains of Americans and East Asians while solving different types of problems. They discovered some key differences:

Previous psychology research has shown that American culture focuses on the individual and values independence, while… Continue reading

Santa on the Cross? A Comparison of Santa and Jesus

A man in Bremerton, Washington has erected a 15 foot cross in his yard, with Santa in the place of Jesus. In an attempt to fight the commercialization of Christmas, Art Conrad has placed a picture of his creation on a home made Christmas card with the caption “Santa died for your Mastercard.” While some passersby are amused, others take offense at this irreverent use of the primary symbol of the Christian faith.

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Atheism for Kids

A new movie coming out on December 7, “The Golden Compass,” is based on the first book of a three book trilogy entitled “His Dark Materials” by militant atheist Philip Pullman. Pullman wrote his trilogy to counteract the influence of C.S. Lewis and the “Chronicles of Narnia.” He left little… Continue reading

Understanding Iran

In an interview with a British news agency, Iranian president Ahmadinejad made his position very clear. Some key points:

  • The U.S. should withdraw from Iraq to avoid further defeats
  • Iran stands ready to fill the vacuum when the coalition troops leave (i.e. send in Iranian troops)
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Pray for Korean Hostages in Afghanistan

The world isn’t paying much attention, but the terrorists in Afghanistan have killed a second Korean hostage. The brief articles that do make it into the newspapers usually don’t mention that this is a Christian group, send to do relief work in Afghanistan. For a summary of information about the… Continue reading

Photos of Vacation in China

I have finished sorting through the 500+ photos that we took in China. I’m really liking Picasa as a photo management tool, and it makes it very easy to upload albums to Google photos. For those who are interested, here is a link to our vacation album:

China Trip 2007


If You’re So Special, Prove it!

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on the sense of entitlement among college students. Professor Don Chance at Louisiana State University observes that American students, but not Asians, seem to feel that they always deserve an “A.” He says Continue reading

China Impressions

We have returned from our trip to China and I wanted to share some of my impressions with you. During the tour we didn’t really have time to search out internet access, so I wasn’t able to give any more updates during the trip. But I was able to jot… Continue reading

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