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Why Do We Have So Many Meetings?

If you are in a church leadership position you probably have to attend meetings. One of the most common complaints that I hear among ministry co-workers is that there are too many meetings, that they last too long, and that they are boring. Why do we have so many meetings?… Continue reading

Artifacts of a Ministry

Last Sunday afternoon I spent some time cleaning out my office at church.  The most time consuming part of that was going though my files to decide what to keep, what to toss and what to pass on to the next pastor.  Sorting through the files brought back… Continue reading

The Search for Small Group Bible Study Material

Where do you turn for good material for small group Bible studies?  I confess that I have often been frustrated when looking for good Bible study material.  Many studies are organized by topic and often take verses out of context, with the result that the main point is… Continue reading

What Would Jesus Wear?

If Jesus came to your church next Sunday, what would He wear?  What would He wear if He was your pastor?  (Take a minute and answer this question before reading on.) Recently the English Ministry core leaders at my church have been discussing possible changes to our Sunday… Continue reading

Personal Witness Matter

“Despite worries among evangelicals that Americans are set against attending church, most people would attend if invited in the right manner.”  That was the finding of a recent survey conducted by the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and Lifeway Research.  The nation wide poll… Continue reading

Church 2.0?

My local paper has a series this week on “India 2.0,” which describes the transformation taking place in India due to the high tech boom there.  Many are saying that parts of India could be the next Silicon Valley.  But as I read the article my thoughts turned in a different direction, namely “How has the Internet affected the church?” Continue reading

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